The Studio

We feature a Protools 11 rig with 16 channels I/O capability. We run a Soundcraft LX7ii 32 channel 4 bus console as well as a selection of outboard gear.

We also feature an extensive collection of amps, guitars, pedals, drums, and several other odds & ends that might be useful when making your next gold record.

Amps - 

Ampeg SVT Classic

Framus Dragon

Hi-Watt Custom 100

Marshall JCM 800

Marshall JCM 900

Marshall JTM 45

Marshall 1959 SLP

Mesa Dual Rectifier

Musicman HD-130

Orange Rockerverb 100

Orange Dual Terror

Peavey 5150

Peavey 6505

Peavey 6534+

Peavey VB-3

Sears Silvertone 1483

Soldano Hot Rod 50

Soldano SLO 100


Carvin Bel Air

Fender Bassman (4x10)

Fender Twin

Fender Twin ('74)

Framus Ruby Riot

Roland JC-120

Vox AC 30

Vox AC 30 (Blue Alnicos)



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If you have any questions about the studio, how we work, or just wanna call and chat about the weather...

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